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Providing Quality Environmental Laboratory Services Since 1988

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Microbiology Supervisor

Full Time : Mon-Fri 8 am - 5 pm

Salary: Based on Experience

Minimum Requirements

  • Associate's degree in Microbiology, Biology, Chemistry or related science. (Bachelor's Degree preferred)
  • A minimum of 4-college semester hours in Biology
  • A minimum of 2 years of analysis of environmental samples for Total Coliform, E. coli, Fecal, and Heterotrophic Bacteria

Primary Responsibilities

  • Follow laboratory selected methods and laboratory SOP's to perform analysis of microbiological environmental samples
  • Supervise department analysis to ensure hold times, sample compliance, and quality control are met.
  • Maintain up to date sample data and quality control logs.
  • Use of autoclaves to sterilize labware and media.
  • Review analytical data in the Microbiology department submit analytical reports.
  • Maintain and assist with updates of manuals and SOP updates.
  • Perform training on laboratory methods and instrumentations
  • Assist in other areas if needed

Skills and Abilities

  • Must have excellent organizational, time-management, and oral communication skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize work assignments with little supervision.
  • Computer proficiency required
  • Detail oriented and accurate
  • Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel) and Adobe Acrobat

Working Conditions

  • Potential for exposure to chemicals, gases, fumes, odors, dusts, and other hazardous materials



Analytical Services, Inc. provides a rewarding & friendly work environment. No matter the position, every teammember must be comfortable in a fast-paced work environment, and be capable of working under stress. We offer  competitive wages, healthcare benefits, and vacation. ASI will remain to withold a strong set of workplace policies in order to obtain an ethical, safe, and efficient work environment.


Growth and expansion is our driving factor, we are constantly looking for hard-working people to become members of our laboratory. Need to find a location for an internship or a college summer job? We are here to help! We love having an extra set of hands, and helping each other grow! No matter your skill or education level, we encourage you to apply. 


  • For persons with a laboratory or chemistry background, we encourage you to apply for a Laboratory Analyst. This is a full time position, and at least a bachelor's degree in a chemistry, biology, environmental studies, or equivalent field is necessary. Depending on the exact position and instrumentation necessary to use, more experience may be required.


  • For persons without a science background, but are still interested in learning how to perform laboratory analysis, we encourage you to apply for a Laboratory Technician. Must have a highschool diploma or equivalent.


  • We also offer part time positions.
    • Laboratory Courier work 2-4 days a week, drive a company vehicle to a scheduled location for sample pick-up, and delivery of bottles. Must be able to remain compliant to Standard Operating Procedures of sample handling and storage,  and complete paperwork with every sample. Aall lab protocol applies to drivers. Must have a clean driving record, and be able to obtain clearances.
    • Part-Time Laboratory Assistant is a position available to anyone who has obtained at least a high school diploma or equivalent. Tasks include basic maintainence, light tasks, and assistance to analysts. 


Please email a cover letter explaining which position(s) you would like to apply for, along with a professional resume to


Alternatively, stop in and see us! We would love to discuss opportunities with you!


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